September 18-19, 2018

Mediapolis, Tampere, Finland

XR Challenge is an international challenge competition for developers in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
Top 3 Finnish industrial companies Fastems, Glaston and Valmet want value-adding XR solutions and new concepts to their challenges.

Apply latest by May 15th 2018. Total prize sum 40 000 €!



  • Big industry players Fastems, Glaston and Valmet with challenges and a context
  • Unity as a platform
  • Two-phase competition targeting at solving challenges with XR solutions
    • First phase submission with concepts and ideas
    • Second phase finalist teams with a full demo to present
  • Prize sum 40 000 € in total and possibility for future collaboration with the companies
  • Special student track for student concepts - prize sum 1000 euros.


Companies, research teams and students with solutions or ideas on how to solve the given challenges.




April 9th 2018

Announcement of the challenges

May 15th 2018

Deadline for submitting your concept(s)

May 31st 2018

Announcement of the finalists and student track winners

Finalists work on their solution

September 18th 2018

Pitch & demo day for the finalists

September 18th 2018

Evening party for the finalists

Evening party for the finalists

Announcement of the winners

September 19th 2018

Seminar day (open for all)


The event’s industry partners Fastems, Glaston and Valmet are looking for solutions to their challenges. To get to know the companies and their challenges, please check their video introductions above. More detailed descriptions of the challenges for each company:


XR Challenge - FASTEMS

Fastems is known for its productivity-increasing factory automation systems all over the world. Our core operation is to supply flexible manufacturing systems, robotics-based automation systems and related services for the manufacturing industry. Our systems are usually tailored to each customer although standard sub-systems are used.

We have already more than 4.500 installations around the globe, which we are supporting through our remote support center in Tampere and/or by our local service team.



System checking Our software systems measure multiple variables and data points, but the information is not stored for further analysis. In addition, we have several thousand installations around the globe of which we don’t have any base information. We would like to easily verify physical correctness of the installation, the movement speed and the smoothness of movements. Ideally, we could base our condition monitoring and predictions on the same solution by following the changes in those parameters. XR technologies give vast opportunities for visualizing and interacting with such datasets to utilize combined intelligence.

Remote troubleshooting and fault repair: Our teleservice team in Tampere is troubleshooting our systems globally. Currently the troubleshooting is based on VPN connection to customer’s system. We can analyze the software parameters and program status by simultaneous phone discussion with a person at the site. We would like to support troubleshooting with visual and audio connection, with possibility to interact virtually. Ideally, several people from various locations could participate in handling the same case. XR technologies enable new approaches for collaboration when utilizing existing 3D data and connectivity.

Training solution: Our systems are mostly tailor-made by using modular sub-systems. Currently our customers want to have hands-on training in their local language. We would like to reduce excessive travelling of our trainers and enable at least intermediate level of training, virtually. XR technologies provide interactive training methods to use virtual equipment with freedom to configure training setups that are hard to reproduce with physical equipment.


More customer reference stories: Website and YouTube

Read more about Fastems 8760 Support:

FMS in 3 minutes: This video explains the basics of a Flexible Manufacturing System, the most typical solution Fastems delivers to its customers:

How does Fastems automation system look like: Customer reference video, BAE Samlesbury:

Read more


XR Challenge - GLASTON

Glaston delivers machinery and services all over the world every year. The lifetime of the machinery is tens of years and we support our customers the entire lifetime.


How can XR help our customers maintain and service the equipment? How can XR help our customers to use the data the machinery produces?

When the customer has a special issue or a problem outside the normal office hours, how could he/she identify and visualize the solution with the help of XR and the data produced by machinery? And how can XR guide him/her to solve the issue?

We would like to receive ideas and concepts how to tackle these situations. Even better if the offered solutions would work with other kinds of machinery, too. To get a better picture of what we do, please read the company overview and watch the challenge and product videos.



XR Challenge - VALMET

Challenge categories & targets

1. MR application – Samsung Odyssey Headset / HoloLens

2. AI Assistant:

  • AI that uses knowledge base and helps Field worker in daily problems
  • Non-person-character (NPC) avatar in HoloMill
  • More detailed information for selected finalist teams (NDA material)

3. Collaboration & remote support between different locations:

  • Online translations from English to local language like German or Portuguese and from local back to English (extra points support for Finnish & Swedish)
  • Speech to speech and speech to text
  • Current collaboration as an example

4. Your own solution for Valmet to help global service & project work

Guidelines & Recommended specifications

Created with Unity 3D (integration to already existing applications)

The locality is industrial environment: powerplant, paper machine, tissue machine, ship, etc.

The participant must state the recommended VR equipment to use and ensure that it runs smoothly on the device.

One of the following VR/MR equipment must be used:

  • Samsung Odyssey or other similar MR Headset
  • Microsoft HoloLens


PC / Laptop + MR Headset (Samsung / Acer / HP):

  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 equivalent or greater
  • CPU: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Video output: Compatible HDMI 1.4 video output
  • USB Ports: 3x USB 3.0 ports
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit (latest)

NOTE: Valmet uses Samsung Odyssey

HoloLens: The current model with the latest OS



Submit your concept proposal latest May 15, 2018 through this web page. The form of the application is max. 10 slides pdf-presentation.

The proposal should contain at least:

  • What specific aspect of the challenge are you solving.
  • Concept or idea – prefefably as concretely as possible, including how it works.
  • What’s the added value your concept or idea brings
  • Feasibility and possible cost (estimate) of the concept / idea brought to life.
  • Description of your team (each team member should be mentioned by full name) and capabilities in executing the concept or idea

The jury will choose the finalists for further development based on the submissions. The finalists will get support and more information about the challenges based on mutual understanding of what is needed.

Final pitching and demo session will be held on September 18th in Tampere. The jury will select the winners and recipients of the prize money 40 000 € among the finalists after the pitch and demo event. The prize ceremony will be held September 19th as part of open XR Seminar where everyone is welcome to join. The finalists will have the possibility to have a demo booth at the XR Seminar.

The finalists’ work will be evaluated based on e.g. their originality and innovative nature, technical quality and maturity of the demo, usefulness, design and usability, and added customer value.



Apply with your concept latest May 15th. If your concept is suitable for more than one company, please submit the concept separately for each company.



XR Challenge is an international challenge competition for developers in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. The event is organized by VR Finland and Business Tampere in collaboration with Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Leonidas (“Organizers”).

Terms and Conditions

XR Challenge is an international challenge competition for developers in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. The event is organized by VR Finland and Business Tampere in collaboration with Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Leonidas (“Organizers”).

The competition includes challenges from Fastems, Glaston, and Valmet (“Industry Partners”).

By applying to participate in XR Challenge, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Organizers may modify the Terms and Conditions from time to time; should any modifications be made, they will be effective upon posting on the XR Challenge website.


You may apply to XR Challenge by filling out an application form on the XR Challenge website. As part of the application, you shall provide your initial concept for the selected challenge and other information as requested in the application form. Should your team want to participate in several challenges, separate applications are needed.

Teams can include both students and professionals who are not Organizers, Industry Partners, jury members, or in any other privileged position at the event. Teams can be of any size. Individual persons can also apply to XR Challenge; however, limitations in transferring the prize money apply (see “Awards”).

The deadline for the initial applications is May 15th, 2018.


Organizers and Industry Partners have the right at their sole discretion to determine the participants of XR Challenge among the applicants who have sent their initial concept by May 15th, 2018. Such decision is final, and there is no possibility of appeal.

Organizers and Industry Partners may disqualify, at their sole discretion, XR Challenge entries that, e.g., violate 3rd party rights, law or regulation, or use inappropriate content.

The participants will be selected and announced by May 31st, 2018. The selected participants will be informed by email as soon as the selection has been made.

The participants shall pitch and demonstrate their final concept at the XR Challenge event on September 18th, 2018. At least one member of the participating team has to be present at the event to present their work. If no team member attends the event, the team shall be disqualified from XR Challenge. The only exception are the student teams, who may submit their initial concept without a chance to attend the event (e.g., due to missing funding). However, such a team is only entitled to a max. 1000 € award.

Judging criteria

The winner(s) of XR Challenge will be selected and announced on September 19th, 2018.

The grand jury (“Jury”) will consist of members from the Industry Partners. In addition, there may be members from the Organizers.

The winner(s) will be judged based on, e.g., the following criteria:

  • Originality and innovative nature of the concept
  • Technical quality and maturity of the demo
  • Usefulness, design, and usability
  • Added customer value

These criteria will only work as guidelines to the Jury; ultimately the Jury is free to select the winner(s) based on their feeling of the best submission.

The selection of the winner(s) of XR Challenge shall be final, and there is no possibility of appeal.


The total sum of the awards is 40 000 €. The Jury has the right to divide the prize money between the winner(s) according to their preferences.

1000 € of the total sum will be given to the best student team, who has sent their initial concept by May 15th, 2018. This team will be selected already on May 31st, 2018.

Due to tax issues, the prize money can only be paid to a company, a university, or other public entity. The prize money cannot be paid to a private bank account, and the award is non-transferable.

The participants are responsible for any tax implications and fees associated with receiving the prize.

There is no obligation for the Industry Partners or Organizers to continue working with the winner(s) of XR Challenge, or to use their submission.

Intellectual Property Rights

All submissions to XR Challenge remain the intellectual property of the teams or individuals that developed them.

By submitting a concept to XR Challenge, you represent and warrant that your content is not copyrighted or otherwise subject to 3rd party intellectual property rights or other rights, unless you own the rights or have a permission to use the content. You also represent and warrant that your content is free of malware.

After XR Challenge, Industry Partners have the first right to continue working on, purchase, or license the rights to the submissions of the winners.


As part of your participation in XR Challenge, you may be exposed to confidential information of the Industry Partners. This information may include (but not limited to), e.g., knowledge, data, source code, business plans, and budgets of the Industry Partners.

In case you are selected to participate in XR Challenge as a finalist, you may be requested to sign a separate confidentiality requirements document with an Industry Partner.

Privacy policy

When registering or submitting your ideas to XR Challenge, you may give us (Organizers, Industry Partners, or a 3rd party working on our behalf) information including personal information of yourself and the other members of the team. This information may include, e.g.,

  • Team name
  • Organization (e.g., company or university name)
  • Participants
    • First name, Last name
  • Contact person email
  • Contact person phone number
  • Which challenge are you replying to
  • Are you a:
    • Student team
    • Company team
    • Team of private persons
  • Your concept (a PDF file max. 10 slides OR a link to a video max 1,5 minutes)

We will use your information to administer the XR Challenge competition, and to keep you updated on its progress. In the future, we may also inform you of other XR Challenge related events.


By participating in XR Challenge, you understand that the event may be photographed, filmed, or videotaped. Organizers, Industry Partners, or 3rd parties may publish such footage (excluding the confidential parts of representations and demonstrations) for promotional and marketing purposes without your approval. You also understand that you will not receive any compensation for this.

Governing law and disputes

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Finland, without reference to its conflict of law provisions. All disputes shall be settled by the district court of Helsinki, Finland as first instance.

Rules of the challenge


The grand jury consists of members from the industry partners and organizers. The Jury has the right to divide the prize money between the winner(s) according to their preferences.

The jury members are:

  • Kimmo Kallioniemi, Vice President, Life Cycle Services, Fastems
  • Kai Knuutila, Digitalization Manager, Glaston
  • Mari Lehtinen, Marketing Manager, Glaston
  • Mika Karaila, Research Director, Valmet Automation
  • Kari Peltola / Harri Lammi, Virtual Reality Finland / Leonidas Ltd.


We encourage student teams to participate. The best student solution will be awarded with one thousand (1000) euros at the concept phase. The student track winners will be announced Thursday May 31st. Students are also eligible to be selected to participate as a finalist and prepare a demo.


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The event is organized by Virtual Reality Finland and Business Tampere in collaboration with Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and Leonidas.


This event is organized in order to support companies gain new business opportunities and partnerships. We want to see people and ideas meet, and new innovations to flourish. Our aim is to create sustainable wealth and wellbeing to our society and accelerate XR business opportunities.



Tampere is located in Finland, a train trip away from the capital city Helsinki. The event will be held in Mediapolis campus.

For more information on how to get there, please see:


We have group booking for the finalist teams and seminar visitors in hotel Scandic Koskipuisto (Koskikatu 5, Tampere). You can get a room with a special price by quoting “XR Challenge”. This applies only for reservations made before August 17th